Meet the Jury – Isaac Kimbugwe

Isaac Kimbugwe

Isaac has always been connected to the streets and considers themselves a well-rounded, well-traveled, well-connected cultural maven that weaves through landmark cities around the world through my networks of other like-minded people and particularly enjoy creating and producing unique content that is inspirational, enriching, insightful and entertaining.

Although being born and raised in South London, since moving to Amsterdam 8 years ago Isaac has built an even stronger & larger network of close friends and associates in the creative scene panning across Europe and afar, helping to contribute in bridging bridges.

I have been involved in many successful marketing campaigns, collaborations and events during my years at Nike, Converse and now currently Daily Paper where I head up Creative Culture. I am mostly passionate about the youth, our community and helping to deliver even more unique value to the industry through the black lens and stories we have to tell.