BubblegumX is an initiative by BubblegumClub and Bubblegum Foundation — aimed at advancing Africa’s ever-growing cultural influence in global creative scenes. This, as a means of leveraging and transforming this expanding cultural and artistic influence into developing sustainable creative industries on the African continent, and fostering creative businesses that operate beyond our continental borders. 
BubblegumX is conscious of history’s continued impact on the uneven development of our cultural industries in the Global Majority and thus aims to shift and expand the position of African business from having their products and services merely platformed — to being distributed and consumed globally. 
This initiative seeks to develop and support a new generation of empowered African creators, who comfortably and successfully occupy artistic and entrepreneurial spaces. A generation that will build, sustain and eventually pass on the creative businesses upon which the future of Africa’s creative industries is founded. 
Bubblegum X will also function as a platform providing exposure for aspiring fashion designers from the African continent — and as a space for digital storytelling from both Daily Paper and Bubblegum Club’s distinct perspectives. Our objectives are to: Expose young creatives to global networks and practices Bring knowledge and expertise to the continent Establish and strengthen networks between Africa and the diaspora With the intention of facilitating exposure to international creative industry systems, networks and practices


BubblegumClub and PUMA jury will independently select their top 10 applications through private collective judging sessions. Thereafter, the top 10 candidates will receive a brief from the jury that they will respond to in the form of an innovative design.


The designs from the top 10 candidates as well as the bios and portfolios will be available on our site. The public will vote for the top 5 candidates based on their designs.


Following the public voting for the top 5 candidates the successful top 5 will be announced on the microsite and across social media. The jury will then host interviews and a private collective judging session to decide on the final candidate.


This candidate will travel to Bavaria to complete a 1 month research trip at PUMA. Their travel expenses and living costs in Amsterdam will be covered by BubblegumClub and PUMA. The recipient of the research trip will also create weekly vlogs about their experience in Amsterdam.