Thembeka Heidi Sincuba is a non-binary artist and scholar. Having completed an MFA at the Goldsmiths University of London, Sincuba is the current Editor at Bubblegum Club and a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town, with significant international exhibition experience. Sincuba's interdisciplinary practice explores fugitivity, queer theory and African ancestral knowledge systems to disrupt colonial and patriarchal ways of being and knowing.
Arpit Hooda hails from India & considers himself a chaotic neutral designer by nature, while emphasizing on pushing the design boundaries to the fullest. He is a self-taught footwear designer with 6+ experience in the industry and is currently working for PUMA as a Designer SportStyle Footwear for Europe.
Giulia Torres relishes all things creative. Utilizing her dual citizenship, Giulia established her creative roots in Garment and Textile design as a New York based designer and is now exploring the world of Footwear design in Germany. With 5+ years creative experience, Giulia brings a fresh, playful and detail orientated approach to the PUMA Sportstyle European Footwear Team.
Jamal Nxedlana, a visual artist and cultural organiser based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is renowned for his captivating photography rooted in Afrosurrealism. As co-founder of Bubblegum Club and a supporter of the South African arts community, Jamal's work delves into race, identity, popular culture, and mass production. His artistry has been featured in The New Black Vanguard, a book and exhibition celebrating transformative fashion and art.
Ra-ees Saiet is a multi-disciplinary artist and the founder of the production company Crayons. With experience in corporate and community settings, Saiet has created design frameworks for social responsibility initiatives at companies like Media24 and Open Secrets. Engaging in the creative sector as an artist, designer, producer, film production designer, stylist, DJ, talent manager and mentor, Saiet holds multiple creative roles and is the current Creative Director at Bubblegumclub.
Now calling Germany home, UK born David McKenzie has 18+ years industry experience designing and leading the creation of sports & lifestyle product ranges. With a hands on and enthusiastic approach, David leads PUMAs Sportstyle Footwear Local Design Teams (Regional Creation Centers). Thanks!
Hayden Manuel Puma SportStyle Marketing Manager. Cape Town and raised, I was influenced by street style more specifically sneakers that became a lifelong obsession. It led me to working in marketing and ultimately the fashion industry. In my role I'm responsible for making sure the brand stays visible and relevant in the world's of music and pop culture.